Sublimation Ink for Epson Printers


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The Bare Tumblers sublimation ink is perfect for DIY and on-demand printing projects. It can be used on a variety of items, including mugs, t-shirts, cloth, pillowcases, shoes, caps, ceramics, boxes, bags, quilts, cross-stitched items, decorative clothes, flags, and banners. Its vibrant, long-lasting colors make it ideal for creating unique gifts for friends and family. Note that the ink can only be used on fabrics with less than 30% cotton content.

This sublimation ink offers the most intense and vibrant colors that are sure to stand out. The water-based dye sublimation ink has a fine texture and gradient for a smooth, even coat every time. This ensures no print-head clogs and a stronger color reduction for vivid and vibrant images.

The Bare Tumblers Sublimation Ink is compatible with a wide range of printers including EcoTankET-2720 ET-2710, ET-2760, ET-2800, ET-2803, ET-2830, ET-2850, ET-3710, ET-3760, ET-4760, ET-15000 ET-16600 ET-16650, ET-3750, ET-4700, ET-4750, ST-2000, ST-3000, ST-4000, ET-2700, ET-2750, ET-3700, ET-7750 ET-7700 ET-2719 ET-2790 ET-3750 ET-3759 T-4500 ET-4550 ET-4720 ET-4750 ET-4752 ET-4753 ET-5150 ET-5170 ET-5800 ET-5880 ET-7750 ET-7700 L3110 L3115 printers.

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